Tips for your Child to Eat Well | Kids & Their Habits

It is a real struggle to convince small kids for eating healthy food these days. Yeah, all the parents out there will readily agree with me!

Whom to blame?

Those tempting food Ads which are shown on TV or our negligence as parents towards the child’s health. I don’t see the ads stopping any time soon, so it is better to try new tricks in cultivating the habit of eating right. Do you agree with me?

Tips for your Child to Eat Well | Kids & Their Habits

Things don’t happen overnight, you will have to put some efforts to get the desired results. You don’t need any special skills to make your child eat well, but there are certain tips that you could try out on them.

Let’s take it up as a challenge, and follow the points listed below! 

Give to make a selectionGive your child the choice to make a selection.

Don’t put your child in any kind of pressure with making food selection. Keep it smooth, and let them decide the food at least twice in a week. This will keep them motivated for the rest of the days.

Healthy DinnerKeep it simple with the Dinner.

When we say Healthy, it does not mean that you need to make it all fancy stuff. Use the basic food ingredients, and lay a simple platter for dinner. This will be pretty much enough.

Healthy dishes once in a whileBring new, healthy dishes on the table once in a while.

Next time you visit any hotel, get your child to try new dishes which is tasty yet healthy. This way, you could get them to enjoy the food as well as keep the quality in check too.

Child Helps You in KitchenMake it fun for them, and let them help you out in the Kitchen.

Involve the kiddos in the kitchen, and let them give you a helping hand at laying the plates on the table. This may sound weird to you, but it is effective!

Place water between mealsAvoid juices between meals, and replace it with water.

Yes, this is a normal way of eating for many of us. But you need to bring some change here. Replace the juices with water; let your child have the essence of Water instead of the packed juices.

Compulsion in BreakfastConsider the breakfast meals seriously. 

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal in a day? While many of us still skip it!

Keep a check on what your child is having in the breakfast; make it as healthy as possible.

No junkReduce the Junk Game. 

Cut down the junk food intake, and bring all the protein-vitamin loaded food on the table.

Dont gift any sort of foodDon’t make Food as a symbol of Appreciation!

Much necessary point to note. Do not try to gift your child any sort of food item as a product of appreciation. Instead, gift out your love, time, attention.

That’s all from my side! Your attitude matters, keep the diet strict but don’t make them feel unhappy about it. I have shared my tips, and now it is your job to find out how to make it interesting for your kids. The ball is in your court! 

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