5 Foods that a High Blood Pressure Person should AVOID eating

A person with a high blood pressure should take care of his/her health, and more importantly take a look at what they are consuming. If proper care is not taken around, then the condition could get worse. Therefore, eating right is important.

5 Foods that a High Blood Pressure Person should AVOID eating

Out of the three meals in a day, breakfast turns out to be the most important one. You are already aware of this fact, isn’t it?

Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure

This gets more critical for a person with High Blood Pressure. Therefore, you should know which food to avoid in high blood pressure. The list goes as follows:


Most of the bread and other breakfast cereals that are available in the market are high on salt level. Well, BP patients are advised to go on a low salt diet, so in my opinion, bread is the first thing to avoid.

Smoked or Processed Eats

Processed eats are those things that usually come in packed form. You need to just cut the packet, and simply have it. Blood pressure patients should strictly avoid such processed food in any manner. Even smoked salmon, fish, sausages are to be avoided strictly.


Well, I know how much you love that tangy, sour Chilly Pickles made at home. But, even pickles are high on salt, while most of the bottled pickles make use of high salt for longer preservation. If you keep such bottles untouched for a long time, then sooner they are going to turn out as a sodium sponge.

Canned or Instant Soups

No doubt those canned or instant soups that you find in the shops are easy to make and eat. But, they are not doing much good on your health as you are imagining. All these canned soups are high on sodium, while some of them might have 900 mg of sodium in just one serving.


Well, sugar has been linked to obesity and weight gain. But did you know that blood pressure can also be triggered with high sugar intake? As of now, there are no recommended limits set for the sugar consumption by the U.S Department of Agriculture.

The American Heart Association recommends that women should consume 6 teaspoons of sugar, and men should restrict upto 9 teaspoon sugar in one day.

These are the foods that a Blood Pressure patient must Avoid in all ways.

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