Our People

S&S Food Factory is a non-profit-making international organization. In no case, part of its assets or incomes shall benefit to any private or individual partnership or corporation.

The aims of S&S Food Factory are to:

  • Advance the practical applications of Stevia, in all related fields, with particular reference to Health and diseases prevention particularly obesity and diabetes.
  • Analysis and provide recommendations to S&S’s members, health decision makers and institutions about the last Stevia trends, uses, and problems. This analysis will be done by international qualified team members of S&S Food Factory.
  • Transfer the basic researches and data into a real clinical and pharmaceutical applications.
    Transfer the basic researches and data into a real nutritional and nutraceutical applications in food technology.
  • Bridge Stevia related users and manufactures of Stevia.
  • Bringing together the countries involve in Stevia and pool their knowledge.
  • Highlighting the knowledge on Stevia Growing and helping emerging countries in their development.
  • Informing about the scientific research and the worldwide regulatory evolution
    Giving keys to companies to succeed in Stevia Formulation.
  • Encourage communication and interaction among researchers, physicians, nutritionists, industrials, food technology and strategic marketing managers through a global network.
  • Promote the nutritional and health benefits of Stevia by exchange ideas, information, education, and coordination of International Meetings on Stevia.
  • Offer a forum for discussions on the late-breaking discoveries in all fields of Stevia through international publications and internet diffusion.